LIKE-IT, founded in 1932 is a brand of a warehouse manufacturer from beautiful town of Nara in Japan. Their theme is to provide products that make people happy and to bring out their true smiles . LIKE-IT always does its best in design to be chosen by consumers from all over the world. The original inspiration of LIKE-IT is to keep making “The Simple Design”, a design which is useful, rational and for long use.Since 1984, LIKE-IT has received 41 ‘Good Design’ awards and many other global design awards.The manifestation of their creativity is in their modular Closet System - which is the best solution for organizing your closet. Then there is a Drawer organizer, a Shoe Grid customizable storage solution which offers easy adjustability to different places and number of shoes. Shoe Holder & Boot Space saver are marvels in space saving.The Uni-Com Module system offers Drawers, Baskets, Door Hooks, Bricks, Stacking Tote & Stacking Baskets in amazing combination of space utilization & space saving.The Medix Module system lets you do wonders with the available office desk space and for storing vanity and living room products, stationary and personal accessories and lets you stay sorted and say - I like-it .