ASVEL Corporation is a leading company & household name in Japan, known for superior quality & innovative design in basic kitchen ware of plastic & microwaveable glass cookware. The ‘Luntus’ series of insulated soup jars, coffee mugs & lunch boxes, are extremely useful, compact & sophisticated in design. Be it work or a leisure outing – they are a style statement for discerning ladies and gents alike. Some of the Lunch boxes are a perfect blend of modern and traditional Japanese Bento box. Assessing the need of the consumer, proactively designing and producing the relevant product to satisfy the need have been the strength of ASVEL for years. All of this is manifested in the Forma range of Tableware, Posé range of kitchenware, Unixware range of glass and plastic microwaveable food keepers etc. With state of the art factories in China & Japan, ASVEL ensures high quality and stable supply to its domestic and overseas business.